Glass beveling machines

The first straight-line beveling machine was introduced by Bovone in 1974: a watershed in the world of glass processing, in which, until then, beveling was a type of finishing that was mainly carried out in manual mode.

Bovone’s beveling machines were the first machines to be designed to work glass vertically: thanks to this Copernican revolution, the beveling machine introduced by Bovone was able to cut by more than half the time required to make the bevel. In addition to drastically reducing processing times, with the Bovone beveling machines it was possible, thanks to the perfect replicability of the different types of bevel, to industrialize a process that was almost the exclusive prerogative of the craftsmanship of expert operators.

Bovone beveling machines are now internationally recognized for their extreme reliability, for the quality of workmanship and for their very high productivity: they are solid machines able to guarantee excellent finishes, minimum maintenance levels and reduced downtime. The use of a sturdy cast iron base – a distinctive feature of the Made in Bovone manufacturing excellence – and of the tracks that grip the glass, guaranteeing the immobility of the workpiece, provide very high levels of performance on the two key aspects of bevel processing: the polishing degree of the machined surface, with a total absence of visible scratches, and the flatness, working a perfectly straight bevel line without waviness. To complete the excellent quality picture of the Made in Bovone bevel is the perfect junction in the corner of the glass between the horizontal and vertical bevel line: a fundamental aspect for a production intended for application sectors populated by very demanding customers.

The bevel finish obtained with a Bovone machine is first-rate: this aspect, together with the extremely fast execution times, the versatility of the models and the high potential for customization work together to guarantee the end customer superior productivity.

The beveling machines, like the whole range of Bovone machines, are guided by dedicated software for a simple and immediate use.

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