Glass straight line edging machines

Bovone’s ELB series straight-line edging machines guarantee high quality in the finishing of flat edge and miter; high and continuous working speed for a superior and constant productivity over time.

The quality level of the finishing on glass is excellent also thanks to the continuous research that Bovone dedicates to construction materials, production technologies and the ever-changing needs of the various reference markets. New configurations of grinding wheels optimize production by guaranteeing a longer life cycle of consumables, reduced production times and the excellent polishing standards for which Bovone grinding machines are famous worldwide.

The construction and design quality of ELB series grinders represents a continuum with the know-how, competence and research that Bovone has developed for beveling machines, a very complex technological application in which Bovone has set real milestones. In 1974 Bovone introduced the concept of vertical glass processing with the first beveling machine Four years later, the concept also applied to straight edging machines. The technological success acquired with the beveling process, which is much more complex than grinding, gave Bovone a great competitive advantage when it applied the innovations implemented on the bevelers to the edging machines, thus consolidating its technological leadership also in the world of straight-line edging machines. Processing an excellent bevel, straight and precise in the corners is much more complex and requires more technology and precision than machining just the edge: this process simplification has allowed Bovone to considerably accelerate its market success, generating a considerable technological gap with competitors.

The sturdy cast iron base and cutting-edge construction solutions are integrated with high-end electronics. The dedicated software allows a very intuitive use of the machine.

Bovone’s industrial capacity means that the company manages all production phases in-house. Bovone builds machines of its own design: it is a real manufacturer unlike companies that limit themselves only to the assembly of parts produced by third parties without real control over the production chain.

This direct control allows to:
– Have more control over the quality of the machine;
– not to be dependent on the supply of third party goods or services;
– be faster in integrating and developing improvements
– be faster in responding to customer requests for customization
– supply spare parts faster and guarantee the same quality standards as the original components.

The whole ELB series – except for the 102 and 11/45 models in which polishing is done only with the use of cerium bonded wheels – can be configured with or without liquid cerium. The option equipped with cerium can obviously also work in exclusion: through a simple machine setting it is possible to disable the introduction of cerium during the edge polishing phase. In this sense it is important to point out that the cooling water tanks with and without cerium are separate in order to avoid contamination.

The ELB series edging machines can be integrated into fully automated robotic systems, Bovone Robotic Systems, specifically designed for processing large slabs. In general, Bovone machines, thanks to their high customization potential and the flexible approach with which the company guides the production and design phases, can be integrated into robotic lines or in combination with other machines to create complete production lines. They can be integrated into existing production plants of Bovone or other manufacturers.

These straight edgers can be equipped with Bovone’s innovative GLA system to accompany non-rectangular glass in the machine.

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