Glass washing machines

Bovone washing machines, made entirely of stainless steel, wash and dry glass of all types and sizes for the main application sectors of furniture and design up to the large slabs for construction use. The range includes BWM horizontal washing machines and BVR vertical washing machines.

The very high construction and design quality guaranteed by Bovone thanks both to the internal control of each production phase – Bovone, in fact, does not just assemble the machine but builds it – and to the components of absolute quality and the extensive use of stainless steel generates robust, solid, reliable and highly performing machines for optimal washing and drying of the glass slabs. This attention mainly translates into two significant advantages for the customer: the reliability of these machines over time and the quality of the workmanship.

Bovone’s attention to customer needs has prompted the company to design and build these machines so that they are widely customizable in terms of , for example, the number of brushes and air knives so as to respond in a perfectly calibrated way to diversified production needs. This feature is added to the deep design attention to create machines that can be easily integrated into any type of line for processing flat glass.

Machines that are easy to use and maintain: the couplings in the pipes, for example, are designed and built in such a way as to make any unhooking and fittings quick and easy.

Another aspect on which Bovone has paid particular attention is soundproofing: the air knives, in fact, also have a geometry designed to improve the outflow of air, thus reducing the noise generated.

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