Tools and consumables for working glass and stone

Introducing Bovone Diamond Tools (BDT), where precision meets innovation. Our dedicated tooling division, BDT, is exclusively focused on supporting and supplying industry-leading equipment with cutting-edge tooling solutions. Together, we have a singular mission: to empower our customers with the highest possible quality of consumables and unparalleled customization options, tailored to address any fabrication challenges they may encounter. With BDT, you gain access to a world of possibilities, where craftsmanship and technology unite to elevate the standards of your glass and stone processing endeavors.

It’s important to note that BDT’s exceptional tooling solutions can only be found at Bovone North America, making our offerings truly exclusive. We firmly believe that there is no substitute for the unmatched precision and quality delivered by our Bovone equipment. With BDT, you’re not only investing in top-tier machinery, but you’re also securing access to the most advanced and tailor-made tooling options available, ensuring that your glass and stone processing capabilities remain unmatched in the industry.

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